“Blue skies, sunshine & green grass with snow on the sidelines – can’t get any better than this!”

This last weekend in Steamboat was astounding; one day it was 30 degrees out and snowed a few inches in town and I heard about a foot on the top of the mountain, next day 60 – 70 degree weather with blue skies and sunshine! I woke up Saturday morning, opened the blinds and couldn’t believe how much white was before my eyes, thinking that sunshine and blue skies were going to pop out instead of white snowflakes that lasted all day. But, then Sunday morning was absolutely gorgeous out, yet another taste of what is to come. The temperature was just right not to hot or to cold, making this one of my favorite seasons here in Steamboat. When I opened the door on Sunday, I was immediately blasted by the sun.  A good blast of course, the sun on my skin felt so wonderful and sent me into whirlwind of thought. So many wonderful things I could do today I thought to myself: Go for a hike? Bike ride? Spend time with the family outdoors! The closer we get to summer, everyday becomes one for the record books, blue skies and warm perfect temperatures. I must acknowledge yesterday for all that it had to offer, before I start to take this great weather for granted.