Season Passes – For the best deals, plan your skiing while still enjoying the summer sunshine. The best deals are found before mid August for the lowest prices of the year . It’s often smart to buy a full pass or a number of days pass for more days than you plan, this encourages you to think creatively to prioritize and think of ways to fit in more ski days.  Try to think of ways to extend your time in Steamboat and bring your work to the mountains. Its great when you are able to work from the condo or town-home by getting up early, going out skiing then checking back in etc… Your smart, I know that you will figure out some great ways to ski more this year!

Lift tickets – As with season passes, deals on daily lift tickets and lessons are best sought out as early as possible. While ski prices in general can seem daunting at first, the quality of the snow, mountain and the atmosphere Steamboat exudes, bring families back year after year. Being more than three-hours from Denver, the distance deters most day skiers, leaving more un-skied powder for us. Lift lines are usually short, and the little time spent waiting is great to catch-up or meet other skiers and boarders. If you have any questions, make sure to ask around, almost everyone is willing to help you enjoy your time in the town we love!

Ski Rentals – Rent downtown, where things often get cheaper and the service gets better as you move further from the mountain.  Stop by Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare for skis, snowboards, or cross country gear.