While discount lift tickets are often difficult to come across in Steamboat, this does not mean you are not getting more bang from your buck! With Steamboat’s Champagne Powder and small lift lines, more time is spent skiing on the mountain in great conditions. Waking up early is often the best discount, as lift lines can most often be avoided by staying on the upper part of the mountain!

Current Best Deals:

With the summer coming to a close and winter fast approaching, many ski shops around town are attempting to clean out their gear from last year. Whether you need a new pair of skis after a run-in with a rock at the end of last season or you are just looking for a new pair of ski socks, now is a great time to make those purchases. The best way to find out when stores are currently having their big sales is to ask around or pick-up a copy of the Steamboat Pilot and Today, and cruise the ads to see where you should stop by next.

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