The rivers, streams, and tail waters in Steamboat are all locations that are often visited for fly-fishing. Like snowshoeing in the winter, fly-fishing is an activity that can be taken up spur of the moment or the day can be dedicated to the pursuit of a huge Whitefish. Many residents can be seen early morning or late afternoon, fishing the Yampa during the summer, enjoying a reprieve before or after work. Others choose more isolated areas of the Yampa Valley, some areas known to only a few.

For those new to fishing in the Yampa Valley, Bucking Rainbow provides guided tours throughout the year. With the goal of teaching each member of the party something new, whether you are rookie or seasoned veteran, Bucking Rainbow limits the groups to 4 maximum per guide. They offer trips to areas that entice beginners and experts to come back year after year. Some of the areas that can be visited are Stagecoach Lake, Sarvis Creek, Steamboat Lake, the Colorado River, Catamount Lake and Three Rivers.

Flyfishing is a great sport for people of all ages to pick up. If you are in town for an extended stay Bucking Rainbow offers Flyfishing clinics as well, to teach knots, entomology and different types of fly-casting. For the more adventurous or those inclined to try something new, ice fishing can be arranged over Stagecoach Reservoir or Steamboat Lake.