More snow made its way to Mt. Werner and Steamboat and everyone in town was ready to hit the mountain hard. Spending Saturday hiking up the mountain, i had the opportunity to see many areas previously undiscovered. A cool new way to enjoy the ski mountain. Today having 6 fresh new inches, the mountain looked beautiful in the morning light, and i couldn’t deny its calling. Having the rare opportunity to ski with friends whose work schedule is opposite of my own made the day that much more enjoyable.

We spent the morning rolling through the side country outside of the Pony Express, fully enjoying the blessing of new powder. Enjoying a nice ‘German Bratwurst’ we took a short break at 4 Points, chowing down with speed, eager to get back on the fresh lines that still needed to be run. The afternoon we camped out by a great rock over in Morningside. Somewhere between 15-20ft we made a five or so loops through, seeing who could launch the furthest off, with the most style. Not winning was almost more fun, watching some great airs and grabs. Spending the day ripping from first chair to last i just woke up from a much needed nap and am looking forward to more powder skiing later this week!