Aspen Leaves Changing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

How to see the Aspen Leaves change?

Aspen trees are by far one of the most colorful trees in existence. The leaves of these majestic trees change from a summery green to a pale gold to a rich deep red. People flock by the thousands to the Colorado high country to see and photograph this annual autumn spectacle. A trip through the Colorado mountains to enjoy the changing of the aspen leaves can be a joyful and memorable experience for everyone.

Some tips on how to see the Aspen Leaves Change:

Determine what dates you want to travel and see the aspens. They change color depending on the weather, although mid-September is the ideal time to view the changing leaves. Give yourself a minimum of three or four days to take in the varying landscape and see the trees at your leisure.

Plan your rout according to where the leaves are changing during your travel dates. The peak time for color change normally lasts approximately a week, so traveling to the areas that the leaves are actively changing in is your best bet to see the most color.

Pack according to the weather. Late fall in the Colorado mountains can range from the mid 70’s to snowy and cooler, so be sure you take clothes for all types of weather. You will also want to take a good hiking shoes, as some of the best aspen trees are often found away from the road.

Begin your travels early in the morning. It often takes a bit of time to hunt out the best aspen trees and sunset happens early in the high country. Traveling early also allows you to take in some of the other Steamboat local attractions, such as Fish Creek Falls, Hahn’s Peak, Emerald Mountain,  Rabbit Ears and Steamboat Ski Area.

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