We were able to skip out of work for a bit this morning and enjoy a little bit of powder up on Buff Pass. Only a few short miles outside of downtown Steamboat, Buff Pass regularly competes for the most snow in Colorado. Getting out early, we were excited to be one of the first cars at the top of the pass. With a slightly bigger group than last time, six, we had to have both snow mobiles running with one person being pulled behind each. But all that meant was more people to ski with on the way down. We began the morning with a few runs at a familiar spot, but it took us a few runs to get used to how much the landscape had changed with an additional 24 inches since the last time. But the new snow painted an entirely new landscape, changing previous falls to small bumps and opening bigger jumps.

As the morning continued we moved on to a steeper a longer run. An awesome change. The deepest, consistent powder many of us had seen all year, our whoops and hollers could surely be heard off in the distance. At one point we looked up after the completion of a run and saw a dogsled press by in the distance, a cool reminder that Buff Pass is open for a range of activities. Finishing just before lunch and returning to the office it reminds me why i live in Steamboat. The opportunity to enjoy activities I love at any point of the day, week or year.