Each day got a bit better. Friday was the first powder day in a little bit. Saturday it just kept dumping.  And yesterday, the skies parted, the snow was plentiful and the bright blue from above was blinding. A great weekend on the slopes and spent in the back-country.

Its seems as though each time we head to Buff, the snow and conditions are better and better. Friday we reached the top and cruised through 14+ inches of fresh snow. It was one of those days that passes in a blur but you know that each moment, each turn was excellent.

Saturday started with snow lightly falling as the morning began and the mountain was busy. Great to see people out and enjoying the fresh new snow. Wanting to dodge the crowds i spent the morning with a few friends hitting a few runs by Elkhead, where untouched snow seemed to last all morning. The afternoon i met up with a different crew who were taking the fresh snow as a sign to go big. Working on throwing a few backflips one buddy landed on his face, staining the previously virginal snow crimson red. But not wanting to miss anytime cruising through fresh terrain, we were quickly back on our feet, trying to go bigger than before.

And yesterday, you really felt like you were flying. With over 2 feet of light, fluffy, Champagne pow pow, we started the day on Dad’s. While one of our favorite runs to ski, the pitch wasn’t nearly steep enough and we found ourselves quickly leaving in search of steeper terrain. Never a bad problem, we were more than happy to move on. We quickly found another run and spent the rest of the afternoon just cruising down, floating just below the top of the snow. Our first bluebird day while on Buff Pass, everything shone, glistened and looked spectacular. A fantastic way to spend a Valentines Day in Steamboat.