Beginnings of a Bike Town in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

The remarkable Olympians of Steamboat Springs traveled this year to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games 1,400 miles away to Vancouver, British Columbia. While hauling home an unprecedented collection of medals and great accomplishments. We hoped to define Steamboat Springs as more than the home of Winter Olympians we are well known as the Ski Town U.S.A. While our winter season tourism is always rewarding, we thought well what about summer season here in Steamboat Springs. Leaders in Steamboat are seeking to add a second nickname: Bike Town U.S.A. We already have wonderful mountains and trails for bikers. The goal is nothing short of making Steamboat Springs one of the nation’s top biking destinations. Steamboat is already a town that loves its bicycles. Routt County Riders, for example, boasts more than 500 members. The city, with just about 10,000 residents, features no fewer than four bike shops. If it all comes to be; the trails and the crowds, the events and athletes, the implications for Steamboat are obvious and significant. Many of those pushing to land Steamboat on the cycling map insist those are noble goals, reason to excite the town’s various interests and the disciplines of the sport’s various disciplines. Where we live and play is incredible here in Steamboat, why not make it where we dont’ have to travel and play even for biking! Steamboat Springs is known as “Ski Town U.S.A” and soon will come together as “Ski & Bike Town U.S.A” .