Storm Peak

by John A. Flanagan

John Flanagan, an international best-selling author, is known for his fantasy series “The Ranger’s Apprentice,” has chosen Colorado for the location of “Storm Peak,” his first adult mystery. This is great for teen readers to the ski town of Steamboat Springs, which is a big leap.

“The book ‘Storm Peak’ has the appearance of Jesse Parker, a former Denver Police detective and hometown boy who returns to Steamboat and helps solve a puzzling rash of murders. The local sheriff, Lee Torrens, and Jesse share a past; they dated each other when they were teenagers.”

Book critics say, ‘Storm Peak’ is an easy, enjoyable read and a welcome peek into the machinations of survival in a small town, which may be of special interest to those living in large cities. The cast of players is populated with lots of homespun characters, with only a few displaying undesirable traits.

This is so great to hear that Steamboat is in a book and I can’t wait to be able to read this book especially because I live here. It will be very interesting. Come back to see my thoughts once I read this book. You can purchase this in book stores now, it has been released.