Billy Kidd, silver medalist in the 1964 Olympics and director of skiing at the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, still loves to ski. 46 years after his Olympic silver medal, the first for any American in alpine skiing Billy was featured on Commemorating him for his dedication to the sport and to Steamboat the article discusses how Billy still manages to ski 100+ days a year leading a free hour-long clinic to anyone that stops by the Billy Kidd sign. quotes that even ‘though the equipment has changed dramatically since that heroic effort, the Kidd who made history by proving an American could triumph over his seemingly invincible European counterparts remains a fixture on the slopes more than 45 years later. Now 66, the man who dreamt of being a cowboy as a boy, and displayed a go-for-broke style on the slopes, continues to fit right in at this authentic, historic cowboy town, even if he’s swapped a helmet for his trademark Stetson on the slopes.’
A great article recognizing Billy’s dedication to Steamboat and his continued passion for skiing.