Working as a ski instructor for Steamboat Resorts i was given the opportunity this year to be a part of the torch light ceremony on the mountain this year. For those unfamiliar with the tradition, at 7 pm, with the mountain in darkness, the ski instructors form the current year, and a short time later change their formation to approaching year. The numbers are illuminated on the mountain with 2 flares given to each instructor.

By far the coolest part of the night was the initial decent to get to where the flares were initially lit. With a rare blue moon lighting our way, we cruised down toward ‘See Me’ with only the moonlight as our guide. Fresh corduroy coupled with the almost daylight conditions, the large group of motley dressed ski and snowboard instructors cranked down to the stopping point. After the 10 was formed the group disbanded in a uniform decent, as we all carved back and forth in a cohesive line. As we cruised past Edgemont, i noticed people were lining the sides cheering us on. As we reached the bottom and took our final bow, extinguishing our flares as we bent over, the fireworks began behind us. A great way to start 2010!