This past weekend Wildhorse Meadows hosted a cyclocross event on their property next to Trailhead Lodge – just below the base of the ski area. The 1.8 mile loop proved to be quite challenging but very successful event for those involved. Almost 100 riders turned out for the race and while very tired crossing the finish line, all appeared to be full of smiles. Standing at a few different places around the course I overheard one woman describing cyclo-cross as an exciting version of track for bikers. As a spectator you are given the opportunity to watch most of the race unfold and the battle for first, and every position, take place before your eyes.

Cyclocross is a type of bike racing that consisting of many laps around a short course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles that require riders to quickly dismount and carry their bike. For those unfamiliar, ‘cyclo-cross [bikes] roughly resemble the racing bicycles use in road racing. The major differences between the two are the frame geometry and the wider clearances that cyclo-cross bikes have for their larger tires and mud and debris that they accumulate.’ Typically a fall sport, cyclo-cross is great because it allows for bikers to still race in the mud and cold without the risk of damaging some of Steamboat’s great bike trails.

With the warm weather we have had thus far this fall, many of the trails the bike trails around town are still in great shape. Feel free to send us an email for recommendations on the best places to continue riding in Steamboat.