The upper loops of Emerald Mountain have opened back up and are ridable through the end of the summer. The trails at the top of Emerald Mountain have been closed for a majority of the summer due to the logging ‘more than 100 acres of lodgepole pine trees destroyed by the mountain pine beetle infestation.’ The major trail openings were the Quarry Mountain, Root Canal and Forest Loop trails. This now allows for people to bike almost all of the single track available on the mountain. Still closed are Abby’s and Stairway to Heaven.

Having heard about the openings at the beginning of this week we were eager ride the upper mountain again after the summer’s hiatus. Getting out early this morning the temperatures we decided that it was definitely starting to feel like fall, reading the large number 40 on the Wells Fargo Thermometer. We were eagerly awaiting the rising sun to hit the trails and allow us to shed our layers of extra clothes. Climbing up we took Larry’s and continued up to hit the newly opened Quarry Mountain Trail. The trails were great shape, and we were excited to be back out!

Seeing the article in the Pilot this morning when we returned from our ride we agreed with Gretchen Sehler’s, the Routt County Riders trail coordinator, sentiment that “There’s a completely changed look. There weren’t any views before from those trails, but now there are a lot of places were there are views…It’s pretty cool, actually, and we won’t have any trees falling on us.”