Enjoying the comradery of the local running group, I spent tonight pushing up theĀ  single-track in the meadows at Howelsen Hill. The cyclical weather continues in Steamboat, today featuring temperatures in the 60’s. Warm enough to go back to the summer dress style of just a t-shirt and shorts. Stopping mid-way up to re-gather the group, we all turned toward Mt. Werner. The sun was setting, leaving a pink-hue decorating the east side of the Yampa Valley. Noticing the top of Soda Mountain, still capped in snow, and hearing the weather report for the rest of the week, the weather cycle is set to continue. I continue to enjoy the unpredictable nature of Steamboat’s fall season. Vacillating between the warmth and comfort of the summer and the anticipation of fluffy powder, each day is new. Different weather, different adventures.