With a majority of the icy spots covered, early this morning Mt. Werner had the first of hopefully many powdery days. The temperature was bitter cold and only got chillier as you skied down the mountain and through the always-running snow-making-machines. I was grateful for my laziness over the past few days, and my short beard stubble provided a small bit of reprieve for my face on this chilly morning. While i thought my legs had become accustomed to the wear and tear of skiing, i had forgotten the extra impact that come with days like today. Powder, while what everyone dreams about, requires a bit more work to gracefully carve through. The beginning of every year, skiing, to me at-least, is only remembered in those short flashes of adrenaline rushes, and epic, epic days. I always seem to forget the fitness and work involved with pushing around the snow. Looks like I will just have to get a bit more fit to fully enjoy the entirety of this winter, but am entirely ready to embrace this challenge!