Fish Creek Falls

Steamboat Springs, Colorado! 

One of the Steamboat area’s most popular attractions is Fish Creek Falls, a dramatic and picturesque spot located about three miles east of town. The 283-foot waterfall is the highlight of the site, of course, but there are picnic grounds and trails as well, so you can make a full day of it. There were ice climbers on the waterfall due to it being solid frozen ice still from the winter.  The park is commonly packed with tourists, locals running or walking dogs, and those wanting to just relax at the foot of the falls. The falls are divided into upper and lower sections with a bridge crossing over the two parts. There are several hiking paths that take you to the falls and above the falls. These make perfect day hikes. Come early, pack a lunch, and relax with your feet in the falls after a short yet mildly-strenuous hike. As stated by many, the falls are a must when visiting Steamboat, winter or summer. Here is a photo of many taken of Fish Creek Falls under the bridge watching the ice climbers on Sunday, March 21st, 2010.