Ill be the first to admit I was beginning to oil up my bike chain and bring out the shorts last week. But as almost to mock my excitement, Mother Nature decided that winter was not quite over in Steamboat Springs. And that is fine with me! I have set my phone up to text me whenever Steamboat reports 6+ inches of fresh snow on the mountain, and my phone has been ringing like crazy the past few days. With the Champagne powder coming in steady bursts, everyday has been great conditions, with more on its way tonight.

Saturday morning i was up quite early and once again, as it has many times this year, the wind decided to join me on the slope. Closing almost all the major lifts, Sunshine, Sundown, and Storm, left those willing to brave the very un-spring-like conditions alone on the mountain to explore the stashes of powder that were out there. And while it took a little bit to get to our favorite runs we were rewarded when we did.

Sunday was another early early morning. Waking at 530, to the chime of my phone once again letting me know of the gift we were blessed with over night, it was time to start getting dressed. We went to the church service on top of the gondola to begin the morning and celebrate Easter. As the service came to a close we boarded wind-shaken gondola as it slowly took us down and hopped in the car for the drive up to Buff Pass. Looking over, my friend quietly remarked, as he chugged his energy drink, ‘ah the things we do for powder.’ And the statement is true. Work days or even weeks in Steamboat change around the pace of the in-coming weather patterns. And once again the early rise was worth it. Snowmoskiing, skiing in the back-country where one is pulled to the top of a run by a snowmobile, is always an exhilarating experience. Hitting lines that i had never before seen or experienced we rode each run like with intense vigor like it was our last. And after skiing from 9-5, we all got back to the cars and collapsed, not sure we had enough juice left for the drive home. Overall, a great weekend; probably the last big weekend of the season and one sure to be remembered as one of the best.