A popular hike just outside of Steamboat, the Devil’s Causeway is a trail that no matter how often you visit, the views will always leave you breathless. The Devil’s Causeway is located in the Flat Tops Wilderness. You can get a map from the Forest Service, Ski Haus, or use ‘Hiking the Boat,’ for directions.

The hike starts out as a gradual trail through forests and meadows, and then intensifies in steepness. The last section of switchbacks is a bit tricky and this hike is best for those who are acclimated to the altitude. Take plenty of water and a snack. The payoff for the hike is that you get to cross the Causeway. The Causeway is a bridge of sorts, that’s about 6-10 feet wide with hundred foot drop offs on either side. Some locals like to show off by running across it. There is no shame in spider crawling, meaning using hands and feet to inch your way over. You may have a hawk fly under you, and the views from there are incredible. Be careful, but have fun!