Billy Demong and Todd Lodwick are fronting the US Nordic combined teams hopes at gaining Olympic medals in nordic combined. Both credit their recent success to their renewed attitude taken after they took time away from the sport. ‘Lodwick says he needed his two-year retirement to realize how much he enjoys the journey — a perspective Demong gained seven years ago, after a harrowing swimming pool accident in 2002 sidelined him for a season.’

Both skiers have embraced a larger workload than previous years and are reaping the benefits. ‘Demong, a high school cross country runner, also took up cycling after the 2006 Games for offseason training. He entered dozens of bike races the last two summers. Learning bike racing tactics has helped him in cross-country skiing, he says, and the low-impact nature of cycling helps him put in more training miles than he can running.’ In addition to doing more work, Lodwick has changed his outlook on the running and building a base.  He states that ‘before, it was something I had to do. I had to go run. I had to go roller ski. I had to get on my bike. I had to go to the gym. Those are things I get to do now.’

But when it comes down to the all the competitions both athletes have been involved in over the years, they have the same outlook on the Olympics. “You look back at people’s careers,’ Lodwick says, ‘and regardless of how many World Cup victories they have, the question always arises, ‘Does he have any medals?” All of Steamboat will surely be cheering for him and Billy in a few short weeks in Vancouver.

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