Before moving to Steamboat, the weather really only determined how many layers I would wear and if I would bike to work. In Steamboat, perhaps only more noticeable than other cities, lifestyles take dramatic shifts with the sudden changes of the weather. While fall hit early in town, cyclical weather patterns have delayed the winter from setting in for good.

Yesterday, I took an extended lunch break to enjoy biking up Emerald Mtn. A great way to break up the day in the office. The service road leading up to the quarry was rock solid from the cool night temperatures, making for a great ride up. While much of the single-track off to the side is still a bit wet, it is awesome to get out and enjoy biking on the mountain this late in the year. Stopping to talk to a neighbor half-way up, I learned that the single-track on Lower Bear is still very dry due to its southern orientation. Hoping to get out there before Friday when the temps are supposed to reach back down into the 30s. Will be sure to post some more pictures if i make it out that direction!