Steamboat’s pursuit of the moniker ‘Bike Town USA’ appears to well underway. Organizers are currently hoping that the first trails of the planned downhill mountain bike park in Steamboat will be shovel ready by mid-July.

Steamboat, currently known by the nickname ‘Ski Town USA’ is also pursuing getting the nickname ‘Bike Town USA.’ The quest for the label Bike Town USA is multi-pronged and seeks to pull together Steamboat’s already considerable resources in terms of biking while also adding a wealth of new ones. The goal is nothing short of making Steamboat Springs one of the nation’s top biking destinations.’

‘The Forest Service proposes to approve 20 miles of new trail to go along with the 28.4 miles of existing trail. Four new downhill-only trails of varying degrees of difficulty still would be included, as would a short, beginner connecting trail leading downhillers to the base of the ski area.’

Working at maintaining the sustainability for the entire mountain, only a few trails will be built initially. Speaking about being cautious on the initial building of the trials, Jim Schneider, Steamboat Ski Area vice president of skier services states, “Our hydrologists said, ‘Let’s develop a few trails and see if there are effects before moving all the way forward. “This opens the door for us to begin building trails to get us started,” said. “Assuming everything is copacetic with those trails, we can keep going.”