The NY Times released an article today reviewing a recent article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine about what makes certain individuals more prone to ski injuries. Citing the change in equipment, injuries have and continue to decrease. The best advice that comes out of the article is to have your equipment properly checked before you ski and to stay within your limits on the slopes.

The most interesting point that arose in the article was their attempt at debunking the commonly touted idea that snowboarders are more dangerous. The article states that “’most people think that snowboarders whack into skiers…but it’s completely the other way around,’ a phenomenon related to how each group falls. ‘Snowboarders stop abruptly,’ Shealy says, their boards biting into the snow. ‘Skiers slide,’ he says, often into a downed snowboarder.” While still leaving many aspects of snowboarding undiscussed, an interesting comment none-the-less. Even more interesting than the article itself are the comments below. Take a look for yourself and remember to be safe this winter!

Phys Ed: How to Avoid Injury on the Slopes