The day finally arrived. After months of counting down to the first chair ride, opening day is here. A unique day in the season, anyone interested in skiing, season pass-holders or not, must purchase a ticket with proceeds going to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. Arriving as the lifts began to shuttle people up i was surprised at the relativly small crowd, only about 100 people, waiting for the lifts to begin. Despite the small numbers their cheers seemed to carry as the first group of people were shuttled up the mountain. The skiing was great, especially for opening day. With a few blacks and blues open it was awesome to get warmed-up on for the rest of the season. Christie Lift was the main chair today, but rumor is the Gondola is supposed to open tomorrow. As the sun began to peek out, the lift line suddenly became quite busy and I found myself standing behind a outside the maze, at the end of a rather large lift line. Looks like Steamboat decided to sleep in and wait for the blue-bird sky! Working for a little bit this afternoon, but more photos to come later!