An article in the November issue of Outside Magazine shows a small insight into the lives of few Steamboat residents and what attracted them to such a unique town. Beginning with Todd Lodwick, the article describes the competitive drive seen in so many of Steamboat’s athletes that helps them become competitive on the Olympic level. Lodwick, a third generation local, took full advantage of the hundreds of miles of trails and roads that were right outside his door to help him win two gold medals at the World Championships last year. The article also features Adam Spector and discusses the path that led him from working on a fish farm to becoming the national sales manager at the local business Honey Stinger. His summer days often begin with a 14 mile commute across singletrack on his mountain bike; winter activities involve skinning up the ski mountain during lunch breaks. Not bad lifestyles, and these are just a few examples! Almost everyone in Steamboat tries to take advantage of the beautiful natural setting we live in. This article features a few more locals as well. Check out the link below.

Outside Magazine: Steamboat Springs Article