Snow has returned to Steamboat Springs. But because of the a short hiatus, today was even sweeter carving through the fluffy white stuff many of us have missed so much. Starting the day at 830, the gondy line was out the gates, with people carrying fat, fat skis, eager to begin the day. The early morning runs were some of the best. Hitting un-tracked lines down Shadows and Closets seemed to never get repetitive. The snow was continuing to fall, almost mocking the fact that 8 inches was reported at the days beginning. By mid-morning the snowbanks were a foot at the shallowest.

A bit of wind kept the day interesting. Storm Peak remained closed throughout the day, making traversing around the mountain a bit different than usual. Spending much of the afternoon on Bar UE was a change. The slow, two person lift was a peaceful reprieve between the long powder-filled runs.

But the best part of the day were the handful of runs we took off of Morningside lift. With enough snow, we were able to huck off of some of the rocks and ledges we have been looking at the past few weeks. While all our landings were not perfect, we were met with a comfortable landing with each fall. The two runs we took off of East Face and North St. Pats, can only be described as superb. All that could be heard from our group were yells, screams and a ton of laughter as we cruised through banks of snow up to our chests, with a few shots that went over our heads. Definitely not what many of us were expecting this morning, but a welcome surprise.

Not wanting the day to come to a close, we continued to ride until the end, reaching the base at 4. To top the day off we were just in time for the last of the courtesy hot chocolate and cider offered by the mountain ambassadors; the warm drinks hitting the right spot. One of those great days where the end is met with fantastic exhaustion and a yearning for more. More snow, more skiing and more memories that can come close to matching those of the day past.