One of Steamboat’s touted summer activities, The Howler, or the Alpine Slide, never gets old. A 2,400ft track, the Howler can be be enjoyed at break-neck speeds around the luge-like track, or leisurly completed at a comforatble pace.

Having a friend visit Steamboat makes one contantly remember the beauty of the town and the many fun activities that we sometimes take for granted. After a short, strenuous run up through the meadows on Howelsen we finished casually streching and talking by the base of the Alpine Slide. Seeing the slide I was told it was next on our list of things to do. Taking the chair to the top, the banter began, who was going to win if each took one of the slides. Pushing the sled to its limits, and not touching the break once, i was able to take the edge. A great way to spend a few hours in the afternoon and provide discussion on who is the fastest friend or family member, the Howler is truly a Steamboat Summer Event not to be missed!