We woke up early yesterday morning to hit the trails up on rabbit ears pass. A 30 minute drive east of town we were all excited to try something a bit different. Taking the day away from skiing we went snowmobiling. I would recommend this to anyone visiting town, even if only here for a short weekend. Jumping on the small sleds we were privileged to take a small tour led by one of my friends. Beginning on the groomed path, we all quickly became accustomed to the dimensions and speed of our sleds and were cruising around 40mph in no time. After gathering ourselves we cruised off trail and glided through some fresh snow, breaking trail for much of the remainder of the ride. Stopping only a few times to pull sleds out of the deep powder they got stuck in, we had a great time. All quite tired when we reached the car at the end of the tour everyone was all smiles, recounting the deep powder turns and the few small jumps we hit, giving even us beginners a taste of flying.