“Bear footprints spotted in this mornings snowfall!”

Spring weather and rapidly melting snow have roused some of Steamboat Springs’ furriest residents, as this footprint was spotted this morning with the early snowfall dusting around beautiful Steamboat. As the bears start to wake from hibernation, it’s no surprise that we’ll start seeing them at places across town. Once we start getting these kind of days where you get warm days and you see melting and snow storms and melting…the first bears typically that come out are males, soon after the baby cubs and females will start to adventure the outdoors once again.

It’s very important that residents and visitors in Steamboat take care of their trash, especially this time of year, when animals such as bears roam the area for whatever food they are familiar with or can get their “paws” into. We want to know where there are human food sources that the bears are actively utilizing because we need to get them cleaned up. The Steamboat Spring Police Department or the Colorado Division of Wildlife are two really great places to inform these incidences that may come about.