It’s great to see Lance Armstrong as a part of Steamboat’s Honey Stinger Business! The seven-time Tour de France winner’s friend and riding partner Len Zanni works. The Colorado-based energy product business called Honey Stinger became a part of Lance Armstrong’s life, he now is part owner of this company. In 2008, in Aspen, Lance Armstrong and friend Len Zanni, now Honey Stinger’s marketing director, rode together in the 12-Hour Snowmass mountain bike race. Armstrong mentions that he is really excited to be part of the Stinger Team and is thrilled to expand the products and business. He uses the products because they actually work. Honey Stinger was established in 2002 and among other race squads, the sponsors were the Trek-Livestrong U23 Team. Armstrong is also part owner in SRAM, FRS and Trek Bicycle.