Steamboat as a whole is working together to help improve both the trails used for mountain biking and increase events held in town. Focusing on incorporating new Freeriding trails, different groups within the community have already begun discussions on where and what the trails will look like. The addition of freeriding trails would incorporate a newer style of downhill riding with obstacles such as “jumps, drops, elevated wooden plank bridges, rock features, teeter-totters and more.” The Routt Country Riders are working together with Ski Corp and the Forest Service on including these new trails on the mountain as well as Buff and Rabbit Ears Pass. Along with new trails a new LIVESTRONG ride is in the works for next August. This ride will not be a race but instead looks to be an “epic ride along the Divide Trail from Dumont Lake to the ski area.” It is encouraging to see the development of the trails followed by articles in both The Steamboat Pilot and The Denver Post.

One of the major draws for improving Steamboat’s trail system are the positive economic benefits. With the addition of new trails and events, biking could, in-turn “exceed the influence of Triple Crown Sports’ summer baseball and softball tournaments in Steamboat, with a fraction of the negative impacts and controversy.” Stay tuned, as an avid biker I am very interested in the possibility of expanding the trail system in Steamboat and will keep you updated as planning hopefully shifts to development next summer.