Steamboat Springs pursuit of the ‘Bike Town USA’ moniker is continuing to gain more recognition across the country. Outside Magazine wrote in a blog post on Wednesday about Steamboat’s look forward at becoming more recognized for the summer activities and local trail infrastructure. The author begins the article questioning whether Steamboat, of all the towns he has been to really deserves such a title.

However, he comes to the realization throughout his stay (and the article) that the Bike Town USA name encompasses more than just the idea of a large amount and variety of trails (of which Steamboat does have quite the ample supply of). He comes to the conclusion that the spirit behind the community in Steamboat, people gathering at a moments notice to have the opportunity to ride with a Tour de France podium racer, or the weekly Town Challenge races that bring the community together, are all part of what makes a town truly deserve the name ‘Bike Town USA’.

The article concludes with the following statement, “if you think you know of somewhere more deserving of the Bike Town USA moniker, I’d love to hear about it.” A positive look forward for Steamboat!