“Steamboat Wild Flowers on Rabbit Ears Trail – Summer 2010”

Steamboat, this past weekend, was absolutely gorgeous out. Yesterday, Sunday August 22nd, I woke up early and went on a hike up to Rabbit Ears Trail to the peak. This was such a wonderful experience especially how beautiful everything still is. Summer is definitely not over with yet, I recommend to bring your camera for some great Wild Flower Photos!

Steamboat Springs is one of the most picturesque towns in Colorado. The alpine wildflower displays spreading through meadows and under aspen and pines is a truly classic to be experience, whether you are bike-riding, hiking, or four-wheeling up the mountains in Steamboat. Wonderful trails for hiking and mountain biking are right at the base of Rabbit Ears next to Dumont Lake. Hiking through this vibrant mountain landscaping providing rewarding outings for all ages; climb a mountain, soak in a hot springs, or simply enjoy the fresh air and abundant wildlife of this special place named Steamboat Springs has to offer!

If you and your family have not made it to Steamboat, I highly recommend to come check us out and have a wonderful experienced adventure that will last you a lifetime~

If you have a Steamboat Photo & would like to share it feel free to send it to – bestofsteamboat@gmail.com