I stopped by the Strawberry Park Hot Springs with a few friends last night. It was quite cold when we got there, so changing into our suits in the tiny tepee on the side of the springs was a quick affair, and we jumped right in. Making the mistake of jumping in the hottest of the hot springs first we were all a bit overwhelmed at the sudden jump in temperature, but it was a change in the right direction. We slowly waded over to the cooler of the two hot springs and relaxed in the cooler of the two, quite warm hot springs. Always a great atmosphere in the winter, the snow sits in large banks only feet away, while you relax in the natural hot springs. On a dare one friend proceeded to jump into the stream running parallel to the springs. Hovering somewhere around 40 degrees, he quickly found himself back in the hot spring trying to regain his breath. A place you should stop on your next visit to Steamboat Springs.