The 99th Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs

The 99th annual Winter Carnival is fast approaching in Steamboat Springs! For those unfamiliar, the Winter Carnival is an annual event in Steamboat where Lincoln Ave (Steamboat’s Main Street) is closed down to make way for various events throughout the long weekend. Ranging from children getting pulled behind horses on skis, high schooler’s carving ice sculptures, to fireworks and the lighted man skiing down Howelsen Hill, Winter Carnival has events sure to entertain the entire family. Winter Carnival is a fantastic community event and a great way for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a different part of Steamboat. You can’t help but feel you are in a special place when the town covers their Main Street with snow for two days for the locals to play. Coupled with the Saturday nights events where it seems like every local kids is either skiing down an icy slope or nordic jumping at night with  highways flares in their hands – Where else so they let 6 year olds do that?

Last year my daughter, Neve, was one of the 8 Winter Carnival Princess and had the opportunity to dress up and participate in the soda pop slalom and get pulled in a horse drawn sleigh during the parade. Alden, my son, has been practicing behind the snowmobile this year and is looking forward being pulled by the horses down Lincoln Ave!

For more information on the 99th Winter Carnival in Steamboat, click here for the 2012 Schedule of Events.