While describing Nordic Combined as an ‘Oddball Event,’ it was exciting to see Todd Lodwick, Johnny Spillane and Billy Demong featured in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Hailing the Nordic Combined team as an integral part of the chance for the comeback of the US Winter Olympians, the author Matthew Futterman, presents a compelling story on why non-traditional events could be the turning point in US international competitiveness. The story focuses on Tom Steitz and his strong influence and determination to change the traditional solitude many distance athletes were accustomed to, to creating a ‘system of constant oversight and accountability that was uncompromising and almost Orwellian in its outlook.’ Emphasizing a team atmosphere Steitz made everyone move to Steamboat Springs to continue training throughout the year instead of periodic training camps. This switch can be credited as one of the main components in helping many of the members of the current Olympic team improve key aspects of Nordic Combined For the complete account, check out the story below –

Let’s Win the Oddball Events, Too