If you haven’t already been getting excited for ski season, now is definitley the time. Just looking outside as everything is white gets me excited. But now that the snow is here, and you are constantly wishing you were floating down through 12 in of pow in the backcountry what can you do?

  • Watch ski movies – Always a favorite, whether you are watching the newest Poor Boyz Production or an old school movie with Glen Plake and his infamous mohawk, anything that involves riding is great. I now have a movie playing in the background as I wake up before work, as I make dinner, really at any point I’m at home.
  • Head to other spots in Co- I know that this site is mainly dedicated to how amazing Steamboat is, but our location within Colorado is also a great part of living here. Just a short drive away you can head to A-Basin, Copper, or Loveland. If your really excited for early season skiing, take the 5hr drive from Steamboat to Wolf Creek,where currently 100% of the mountain is open.
  • Subscribe to a podcast – A cool option if your looking for very current updates on the ski world. Personally I’m a huge fan of  ‘Snowfix,’ a ski podcast based out of England, but there are tons out there. Just go into your i-tunes and search ‘ski’ or ‘snowboard’ or whatever your looking for. There are some that haven’t been updated in forever, but just click around, there are some fun podcasts out there.
  • Wear your boots as much as possible around the house – Perhaps this is just me, but hey, I’m pumped.

With temperature lows scheduled to stay in the teens for the next week it appears as though the snow is here for good. Awesome!